Flow Goggle Strap Kit

Flow Goggle Strap Kit

Flow Goggle Strap Kit (2-Pack) - Replacement Bungee Cord Straps for Swim Goggles - Multi Colored by Flow Swim Gear

Product Details

WHAT’S INSIDE: Two goggle bungee straps and two cord locks that make adjusting your goggles while swimming quick and easy. Bungee cords are approximately 40” long and 3mm thick.

Optional colors: black, white, orange, blue,Green, pink,

UNIVERSAL FIT: Fits most goggles that allow replacement straps. One size fits all including kids goggles.

QUALITY: Durable bungees with strong cord locks.

EASY INSTALLATION: Tapered ends for easy installation.

Brand Name:Custom(Undertake OEM and ODM orders

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