why you should use a swim cap?

- Apr 07, 2016-

Why then Wear a Swim Cap?

Nevertheless, there are several reasons why wearing a swim cap makes sense. A swim cap:

  • Protects your hair from the chlorine in swimming pools.

  • Keeps long hair out of the face.

  • Keeps your head warm when swimming in cold or open water (if using a neoprene cap).

  • Makes the swimmer more visible in open water, especially if there is a risk of collision with boats, surfers, etc.

  • Is mandatory in many swimming pools to avoid that the water filters become clogged with hair (if you are bald you may be exempted from this obligation).

  • Allows you to swim a bit faster, which is important in competitions. There are even competitive swimmers who wear two swim caps one on top of the other: one swim cap to cover the hair, then another one above the strap of the swim goggles to keep them in place and to further reduce drag.

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