Swimming In Cold Water What You Should Know

- Jan 15, 2017-

We know that quite a few of us are keen to jump in the water as soon as the ice clears so that we can get some proper open water swim training. But is it safe?

“If you are in good health and well-trained there should be no problems going swimming in cold water as long as you have proper equipment such as a wetsuit and know what the risks are.”

Good to hear. So what are the risks?

“Well it’s a no brainer really. The risk is primarily getting too cold which may result in hypothermia – abnormally low body temperature. This will eventually happen when you lose more heat than you can generate. You lose heat about 25 times faster in water than in air, so exposure to cold water can quickly lead to hypothermia.”

Is there anything you should not do?

“Heating up a person with hypothermia too quickly, for example with hot baths can be dangerous as you may get a severe drop of blood pressure. Rubbing the limbs is also not advised.”

So if you want to swim in winter,please insure you are in a good health,and please swim with some one in case of emergency circumstances. Before swimmiing,prepare swimsuit/wetsuit,swim goggles,swim caps,towels and so on.Enjoy swimming!

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