How To Wear A Nose Clip For Swimming

- Apr 29, 2019-

A nose clip is a simple device that you wear to keep water out of your nose while swimming. The frame is typically made of wire and nylon and is shaped to fit around the bridge of your nose. The padded ends of the clip press your nostrils closed, keeping water out. If water frequently gets into your nose when you swim or if your sinuses are sensitive to chlorine, wearing a nose clip may be a good option for you. Fitting a nose clip onto your nose is easy and takes just a second.

  1. Fitting a Nose Clip on Your Nose


1)Get your face wet before putting on your nose clip. Jump in the pool and dunk your head under water. The water will help clear moisturizer, makeup, and oil off your nose. This will help prevent the nose clip from slipping off as you swim.

If you’re wearing any makeup, you may also want to wash your face before getting in the water.


2)Hold the nose clip so that it looks like an upside-down “U”. There are several different types of nose clips, but all are shaped like a “U”. The bottom of the “U” will fit over the bridge of your nose, and the two padded ends will squeeze your nostrils together.

The U-shape is typically made of stiff wire or nylon, while the pads at the ends are made of silicone or latex.


3)Position the nose clip so that the circular ends are facing outward. If you’re holding the “U” so it’s upside-down, you’ll notice that the 2 ends of the “U” curve outward on 1 side. When you place the nose clip on your nose, keep the flat end toward your face.

Nose clip designs vary, and some don’t have circular or curved ends. If yours doesn’t have a curved end, it won’t matter which side you put toward your face.


4)Slide the nose clip onto your nose. Use your thumbs and index fingers to gently pull the ends of the nose clip apart. Then, place the ends over your nostrils and press the clip onto the bridge of your nose. Finish by pushing the ends of the nose clip against your nostrils.

If your nose clip has a strap, put on your swim cap and goggles first.

2.Choosing a Nose Clip


1)Wear a nose clip to keep water out of your sinuses. If you have trouble timing your breathing when you swim, a nose clip may help. Wearing one will help prevent water from getting into your nose. This will allow you to focus on just your mouth while you breathe, instead of both your mouth and nose.

A nose clip is especially useful when you’re first learning the flip turn.

Chlorine, a chemical which is used to disinfect pools, can cause inflammation in the lining of your sinuses and nasal passages. A nose clip will help keep chlorine and other causes of inflammation, like bacteria and fungi, out of your nose, saving you from post-swim sinus pain.

If you experience sinus pain after a swim even when you wear a nose clip, consider using a saline spray or another common method to ease sinus pain.


2)Buy a nose clip with a strap if you’re worried about it falling off. Some nose clips come attached to a latex strap. The strap connects to the ends of the nose clip and wraps around your head. It helps keep the nose clip on your nose when you swim.

A nose clip with a strap might be a good option if you’ll be swimming in large bodies of open water where it may be difficult to find a strapless nose clip if it falls off.

Nose clips with straps are also great because you can hang the nose clip on your neck in between your swims.



Go with a strapless nose clip if you don’t want the added hassle of a strap. Some swimmers find nose clips with straps too cumbersome. Strapless nose clips also usually last longer than those with straps because straps tend to break after repeated use.

Most swimmers, however, don’t mention having any trouble keeping strapless nose clips on their nose.

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