How to Put on a Swim Cap

- Feb 15, 2016-

Wearing a swim (or swimming) cap has various advantages, such as helping to keep some of the heavily chlorinated pool water off your hair, helping to keep your hair out of your face while you swim, and helping to lessen resistance as you swim. With a few easy tips, you’ll be able to put on your swim cap on quickly and painlessly.

1.Tie back your hair. If you have long hair, use a hair tie to put your hair in a ponytail or bun (depending on the length of your hair).Be sure that your hair is tied firmly so that it is secure.

The swim cap may force your hair to shift and pull your hair down, so you may wish to tie your hair a little higher than you would expect it to be positioned in the cap.

2.Wet your hair with water from the bathroom or change-rooms. Dunk your head into the water in a basin, or run your hair under a shower for a couple of seconds. Wetting your hair makes it easier for the cap material to slide over your hair. Caps tend to stick to and pull dry hair strands.

Consider coating your hair with a thin layer of conditioner. This will make putting the cap on a lot easier.

3.Open the swim cap. Open the swim cap with your hands, and consider wetting the inside of the cap. Wetting the inside of the cap isn’t necessary, but some people have found that wetting the inside makes the cap easier to put on. Hold the sides of the swim cap with your two hands.

Wetting the cap may also make it harder to put on––it depends on the type of cap used.

4.Pull the swim cap onto your head. Tilt your head down and place the front of the swim cap at your forehead in between your hairline and eyebrows.Allow the swim cap to catch at your forehead, and use your hands to pull the swim cap down and back to cover the rest of your head.

5.Adjust the swim cap. Once the swim cap is on your head, make any necessary adjustments. Tuck stray hairs into the cap, reposition the front of the cap so that it covers your hairline but isn’t over your eyebrows. Then position the cap around your ears.Pull the back of the cap to make sure it is as secure as possible, and put on your goggles.

Positioning the cap near your ears is mostly based on personal preference. Some people like to cover their ears completely with the cap, especially if they are racing. Others like to cover half of their ears, while some don't cover their ears at all.

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