Using a Kickboard for Advanced Swimmers

- Mar 22, 2019-

Extend the kickboard straight in front of you. Grip the top edge of the kickboard with both hands. Hold the kickboard out in front of you so that your arms are straight and your elbows are straight.


Press down lightly on the board with your arms. It’s important to press down on the board with your arms, as this allows your hips to come up. If your hips are sinking into the water, rather than in a straight line with your upper body, your kicks will not be as strong.

Don’t press so far that the board sinks under the water, but rather use a pressure just light enough to raise your hips. Now you can try different kicks.


Try the flutter kick. Keep your legs parallel, point your toes, and quickly alternate kicking your legs up and down. The movement should come from your hip, rather than your knee. Flex your knee when you push down with your leg, and straighten it before moving your leg upward.


Work on the breaststroke kick. Extend your legs, keeping them parallel and your toes pointed. Flex your knees and move your feet in toward your buttocks. Then, move your knees away from each other and rotate your feet outward. Sweep your legs back and out by pushing against the water with your feet. Finish by extending your legs while moving them inward back to the starting position.


Do the dolphin kick. Extend your legs, keeping them together, and point your toes. Bend both knees to bring your feet toward your buttocks. Use both feet to forcefully kick downward at the same time.


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