Type of dive equipment fins

- Oct 18, 2016-

Flipper has two basic styles: adjustable feet. Adjustable fins with open toe and adjustable straps. Foot flippers will cover the entire foot to foot part of the package; each type has its specific frog shoes.

Diver adjustable fins often used; adjustable fins is large and can provide greater propulsive force, suitable for equipment used when diving and countercurrent. Divers wearing flippers can be adjusted at the same time wearing diving boots, and wearing flippers feet divers are simply feet into flippers. If the water temperature below 70 f/21 c dives, dive boots can provide thermal insulation effect, but adjustable fins also has some disadvantages: kicking is laborious and expensive than foot flippers, also need to purchase a dive when wearing boots. When you do not need to use the snorkeling can be adjustable fins, because when you swim in the water, adjustable fins as well as foot-flippers have efficiency, this is because foot flippers is soft and can reduce the flippers kicked out of the water. Many other special fins are not specifically designed for diving, usually specifically designed for a special purpose; such as: swimming competition or hunting game in the water ... These fins typically have long, narrow frogs webbed feet.

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