Select the appropriate flippers

- Oct 18, 2016-

Divers in choosing flippers should first consider what his diving activities, the factors to be considered include:

1. water temperature

2. water flow

3. special diving activities such as underwater photography ... Wait

4. water environment with a sharp end of bed (such as a stone or a sunken ship)

Foot flippers more suitable for calm and warm waters; adjustable fins to most forms of diving activities. In addition, the diver must measure their strength, especially the legs, if the diver has a strong leg muscles, you can consider the large, fortified flippers; if the diver's leg muscle is weak or not regular diving, you can choose the small size of the flippers. Secondly, the diver should compare flipper properties and is suitable for personal use. Divers should remember that comfort and suitability is most important factor in selecting flippers. If the diver wanting to buy adjustable fins, should purchase the galoshes, and before trying on flippers, the first footwear to put on, to ensure that the frog wear appropriate shoes.

Following is a matter that should be aware of when trying on flippers:

1. when using swing feet, flippers not too tight or too loose.

2. the divers can easily adjust the flippers should be determined adjustment belt.

3. diver should determine the flippers can easily adjust the belt back to footwear, heel proper location.

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