How to Use a Kick Board

- Mar 12, 2019-

Using a Kickboard for Beginners


Rest your chest on top of the kickboard. Positioning your upper body on the kickboard will help you float so you can learn to kick your legs while swimming. Place your chest on top of the kickboard so that your ribs are supported while your stomach is in the water.


Hold the kickboard in both hands. You can put your hands through the holes in the kickboard, if applicable. Otherwise, grip the sides of the kickboard with both hands. Be sure to keep your elbows tucked in to your sides.


Keep your hips up and your back straight. To get the most use of your kickboard you’ll need to keep your body as straight as possible. Don’t allow your hips to bend or sink into the water, but rather extend your body straight out from the kickboard. Press down slightly on the board with your chest to raise your hips.


Kick your legs. Use your hips, rather than your knees, to kick your legs up and down. Point your toes, as the top part of your foot is what will provide the up and down movement needed to propel you through the water.


Practice breathing techniques. Extend the kickboard straight out in front of you and grip the top edge with both hands. While kicking, work on your breathing techniques in the water. Turn your head to the side (rather than lifting it up out of the water) when inhaling to avoid letting your hips dip lower into the water. Face forward and exhale while your head is under water.

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