Goggles to keep

- Oct 18, 2016-

1. the qingshuiqing wash and dry after use, be careful not to wipe the lens with a towel so as not to scratch the mirror.

2. the new goggles anti fog treatment has been done, so do not apply too much anti-fogging agent.

3. When cleaning do not use organic solvents, to avoid deformation or discoloration resulting in goggle.

4. in the wet conditions, long time swimming with clothes, towels and other things put together, it will cause the staining, it should be placed in plastic bags or small boxes after use. Meanwhile, put it in water or wet for a long time under State custody will reduce goggles anti fog effect, there will be moldy. Therefore, the collection should be placed at room temperature for a long time and dry well ventilated place and add talcum powder for maintenance.

5. keep goggles, please do not place in direct sunlight or extremely high temperatures (such as in the Sun), so as to avoid deformation and deterioration resulting in goggle.

6. do not wipe the inside of the lens directly with any material, to prevent damage to film.

7. swim goggles have no shelf life, long time when not kept in packaging that came with the box just fine, if necessary, can be washed on a regular basis.

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