Goggles instructions for use

- Dec 25, 2017-

1.Goggles surface anti-fog treatment (non-anti-fog swimming goggles except), please use water before soaking, and then completely dry and then wear, anti-fog effect better. When wearing, cleaning or using, avoid touching or smearing domestic anti-fog surface with coarse or finger to prevent the lens from scratching and damaging the anti-fogging effect.


2. Adjust the length of the headgear to fit the size of your headgear without tightness or comfort (depending on the type of headgear). Tight headgear may cause eye tenderness or headache.


3. Wear goggles should be noted that the headband to visual level as the base, the ramp 15 degrees to meet the human eye orbital slope, difficult to leak.

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4. wearing goggles method:

4.1 hands goggles distraction, left and right thumbs up headband, first headband over the brain, then pull the glasses to the forehead.

4.2 The goggles from the forehead to the orbital.

4.3 goggles to be moved to the orbital, and then adjust the head of the brain after the headband to smooth, then pull the headband, headband test is too tight or too loose.

4.4 gently press the goggles, remove excess eye mask air, and test whether there is leakage goggles, goggles should be the size of the pressure on the eye socket more comfortable.



Before using goggles, please read the instructions carefully and confirm that you fully understand all the warnings and cautions.

Do not pull the swimming goggles directly out of your face or eyes to prevent the goggles from bouncing back and causing eye damage.

The best time to wear goggles time not more than half an hour, that is, take off the goggles, so that timely eye to add fresh oxygen.

Do not use swimming goggles for diving activities because water pressure can make eyes ache. Swimming goggles are only suitable for low-intensity swimming, do not use when diving at high platform or cliff diving.

5. Do not put goggles in direct sunlight or extreme high temperatures, so as to avoid deformation or affect the use.

swimming goggles warning

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