Dive equipment fins

- Oct 18, 2016-


Fins can make divers more efficient swimming in the water, while the fins with a variety of materials, types and characteristics, but they all have two things in common:

1. foot cover to fix the flippers on the feet a diver

2. frog's webbed; connections in frogs webbed feet below give the diver propulsion in the water.


Present fins are mostly synthetic manufacture. Foot and heel belt (belt of the flippers) are are made of neoprene rubber or a similar material. Frog Web parts are usually made using synthetic thermoplastic.

Whole fins to synthesis of neoprene rubber or thermoplastic material, to injection molding manufacturing of flippers, its low cost; such as graphite fiber molded fins, and flippers made this way the efficiency is high, but the cost is also high. All using neoprene rubber material of frog shoes in 1970 generation Shi is standard of frog shoes, but currently market Shang only has very less part this type type of frog shoes exists, most of professional divers think new type (synthesis hot plastic plastic material) of frog shoes of weight compared light, and has good of swimming efficiency and the has are buoyancy (compared easily lost) is more better of select.

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